DAGOMA DiscoEasy 200 in Kit



  • LBP: ل.ل18,000,000.00


3 hours to be assembled (easy):

Maximum Accuracy: up to 100 microns
Printing Volume : 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Printing Speed : 30 to 100 mm/s
Advisable consumables : PLA
Technology : Fused Deposition modeling (FDM)
Printing Color : Monochrome
Consumables : filaments
Filament Diamètre : 1,75 mm
Systems : Windows, Mac
Nozzle Diamètre : 0,4 mm
extrusion Temperature : 280° C maxi
Accepted Consumables: ABS, PVA, Nylon…
Printer Structure files : Free
Software: Cura by Dagoma E200 (Dedicated and Free)
Included : SD Card, spatula, hexagonal screwdriver 2.5 mm, Dagom’app Application and target for settings
Maximum Printing Volume : 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Minimum Printing Thicknes : 0,1mm (100 microns)
Z Accuracy Precision : 0,01 mm (10 microns)
XY Accuracy Precision : 0,05 mm (50 microns)
Maximum Printing Volume: 8,00 L
Maximum printing Speed: 30 à 150 mm/s
Printer volume: 370 x 370 x 370 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Performance : autonomous, by SD card
USB Connection : Possible
Compatible with main drawing softwares : Solidworks, SketchUp, Tinkercad…

2 years Warranty

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The DiscoEasy200 3D printer offers a modern, avant-garde and uncluttered design. Its print head is minimal, although the latter now has two fans in addition to the inductive probe and the E3D nozzle. One allows to cool the heating element, which avoids clogging of the nozzle, the second accompanies the extruder: it avoids temperature shocks on the probe while cooling the printing layers as and when. The assembly is easier and faster, because there are fewer connections to make and some elements are delivered mounted. Some parts of the left and right sides of the machine are identical in order to avoid confusion, and the spaces of the connections are more accessible. Small bonus: the screwdriver and a target setting to adjust your probe more easily are included in the order. The use of the machine is also facilitated: the micro SD card is replaced by a SD card much easier to handle, the setting the probe is optimized upstream when we assemble the print head and you can adjust your nozzle the first time you use your DiscoEasy200 without ever having to touch it later! How? Thanks to the new software “Dagoma” (free and delivered with the machine), designed to accompany you from A to Z in the use of your 3D printer. The DiscoEasy200 is stable and quiet thanks to silicone pads placed under the side fasteners and the front and rear panels that reduce vibration and noise. In addition, the high fasteners have been slightly enlarged, making the printer more rigid. In short, the machine is more reliable. The electronic card formerly Melzi has been replaced by a more powerful Makerbase, which offers you the opportunity to further develop your printer. The belt is now pinched in one piece under the plate, which avoids any progressive deformations. Nozzle closures are greatly reduced thanks to double room and radiator ventilation, and the ergonomics of the nozzle have been optimized to improve the quality of the prints. Finally, the DiscoEasy200 3D printer has exclusive options to accessorize your machine. and optimize its performance. You will be able to equip your machine with a screen of control (available now) of a detector of end of filament, specially conceived for this new 3D printer. You own a Discovery200? No worries, the optimizations can be carried over to your printer: it’s a scalable machine! How to switch from the Discovery200 printer to the DiscoEasy200? For this you can order our “Evolution Disco Pack”. It contains all the elements necessary for this update, namely: the electronic components the files.stl of the structure of the DiscoEasy200 to download and print with your Discovery200 (free) the assembly instructions of the DiscoEasy200 to assemble your machine (setting at your disposal) The head of your Discovery200 fits as it is on your new machine. If you want to edit the news, a tutorial to guide editing will be available soon!

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