• LBP: ل.ل24,000,000.00


Printing Technology: FDM

Print Volume: D180 x 200 mm

Maximum Print Temperature: 270 ° C

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Print Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

Print Speed: 30 to 100mm / s

Standard mini layer height: 100 microns

X / Y tolerances: (+/-) 0.2mm

Machine Calibration: Automatic

Insertion Filament: Automatic

Flexible Filaments: Optimized

Printing Color: Multicolor per Layer (Single Extrusion)

Pause Function : yes

Stop & Go: yes

End of filament detection: optimized detector

Fan speed (rev / min): 11 000

Operating temperature: 18-28 ° C

Ambient temperature: 0-35 ° C

Technology: Delta Montage

Kit: no

super fast mounting Mounting / Plug & Play: yes

Weight of the printer: 4.3 kg

External machine dimensions: 305x275x535 (included in a block)

Compatibility filament: flexible

Accuracy in X / Y: 50 microns

Accuracy in Z: 12.5 microns

Electronic Board: MKS N01 – by Dagoma

Surface of a checkmark: Buildtak

File type: STL, OBJ

USB print: yes

Slicer: Cura By Dagoma

Operating system: Windows Mac OS Linux

Axis drive: belt

Compatible Software: All software that generates a .STL file (Solidworks, Rhino , Tinkercad, Blender, …)




The Neva Magis has been completely redesigned. From head to foot.
Its new electronic components improve its strength and accuracy for prints of up to 100 microns.
It is reinforced and simplified with a new shielded fan, protected from magnetic disturbances. This allows an ultra fast assembly of the machine in less than a minute.
New Buildtak grip surface for printing even upside down. We do not know yet what’s the point but it’s possible.                                                                                                                                             A concentrate of innovations at 270 ° C.
We improved its performance so that the quality of your prints is always better. We have (yet) simplified its use so that it is accessible to all, from the beginner to the most experienced. We are proud to present you with a machine with even more robust components for a truly incomparable experienceExpand horizons, play with materials and colors.
A fully redesigned extruder facilitates the use of flexible filaments.
Its new filament detection system gives you a foolproof confidence with more than 1,150,000 passes (500,000 filament change) as a result without errors.
The insertion and the ejection of filaments are carried out automatically to let you have fun.
Go green.
Then to blue.
Then red.
Then to the wood.

Thanks to feedback from the Dagoma community, we upgraded the Marlin firmware to a bespoke version for the Magis. It may sound technical but frankly it’s cool.
Do you already have a Neva? Update to take advantage of new features. You can even control your machine via the USB port. And that’s cool too.

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