Neofil3D Transparent M-PVA 1.75mm



  • LBP: ل.ل2,000,000.00

M-PVA is a Premium support filament for 3D printing using double extrusion. It can be used to produce parts that require support and is removed by immersing the object in a pan of cold water. Comes in a 500g spool.



M-PVA is a filament which is generally printed in combination with PLA and is soluble in cold water. It can be used to create support structures for complex parts to increase print quality for successful projects. Once the piece is printed, just immerse the object in a pan of cold water to dissolve the M-PVA.


Changes to the raw material make M-PVA filament more stable than conventional PVA. M-PVA works very well with PLA as well as ABS, which greatly expands the range of possible applications. This polyvinyl alcohol-based filament is not toxic and is also biodegradable once dissolved in water.


  • Improved formula for better stability
  • Excellent compatibility (PLA, PET-G, ABS)
  • Soluble in water

Printing tips

  • Extrusion temperature180 to 220°C
  • Plate temperature60°C
  • MaterialPVA




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