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ZMorph VX Product

ZMorph VX has New Hardware, New Software Improvements

While the preceding SX model already featured a solid aluminum body with fully enclosed electronics, double belt drive and original closed loop system, the VX model introduces several hardware upgrades of note.

These include:

  • Super-flat borosilicate 3D printing worktable;
  • Stiffer construction of X and Y axis with top quality linear guides;
  • Improved cooling system; a reinforced X axis carriage;
  • Redesigned Dual Extruder toolhead with interchangeable hotends feature;
  • ​Injection-molded​ ​plastic​ ​parts.

The company has also sought to address the user experience. A significant hardware change is the fully automatic calibration system, which should make the 3D printing process just that little bit less frustrating.

There’s also a new CNC worktable for those who want  to work with CNC and laser-engraving. This has sturdy aluminum construction with pre-set holes to provide a stable, flat surface and easy clamping of materials like wood, acrylic glass, modelling boards and PCB boards.

On the software side, there’s the completely revamped Voxelizer software​. It has “faster and smarter algorithms” plus a cleaner interface for both absolute beginners and experienced pros.

Product Description

The complete desktop solution for multi-material rapid prototyping, crafts, and low volume production. ZMorph Vx is the most versatile and the most practical multitool 3D printer that you can put on a desk. With three different fabrication methods and dozens of available materials, ZMorph is designed to be your workhorse, versatile object making machine and a problem solver.

Unique Features

  • 3D printing, CNC, and laser, all in one machine
  • Vast arrange of fabrication materials
  • Interchangeable toolheads and worktables with easy switching procedure
  • Top grade 3D printing with advanced two-material printing features, like image mapping and color blending
  • Autocalibration
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with high-quality components, designed to withstand high torques of CNC milling and high speeds of 3D printing
  • Enclosed build chamber with fully protected electronics
  • Innovative Closed Loop System
  • Free Voxelizer software license


  • 3D printing
    • ABS and derivatives
    • PLA and derivatives
    • PVA
    • PET
    • ASA
    • Nylon
    • HIPS
    • Termochrome
    • TPU
    • Flex materials
  • Upgrade your ZMorph with other ZMorph toolheads and access more fabrication materials, like wood, machining wax or modeling board

Product Specification

Construction: High precision sliding rails on X and Y axis, made from structural steel and stainless steel. Omron endstops, precisely machined aluminum X carriage, rigid and durable. Non-slip trapezoidal nuts on Z axis made out of high-quality POM, add-on slot

Frame and Covers: High-quality aluminum 4 mm and 3 mm (precise and very rigid), stainless steel 2 mm and 3 mm. Covers made from 3mm PET

Work Area: 250 x 235 x 165 mm (toolhead dependent)

Software Compatible with: Voxelizer, Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r

Communication: USB and LAN (access to WiFi after plugging to WiFi router). Standalone printing supported via panel + internal SD card

Electronics: Sunbeam 3.0 with ARM LPC1769 processor, equipped with 5 stepper motor drivers: 3 for XYZ axis, 2 more for the double material extruder. Internal disc drive accessible via USB

Heated Worktable: super-flat, precisely machined working table with exchangeable borosilicate glass sheets with temperature up to 120 ℃

Display: LCD color touchscreen

Mechanical Positioning Precision: 14 microns for X and Y axes, 0.6 microns for Z axis

Layer resolution: 50 – 400 microns

Interchangeable Nozzles: Included: 0.3 mm, Available: 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm

Interchangeable Toolheads: Included: 1.75 Plastic Extruder, Available: Dual Plastic Extruder, Laser, CNC, Thick Paste, 3.0 Plastic Extruder

Interchangeable Worktables: Included: Heated worktable for 3D printing, Available: CNC worktable for milling and cutting

Calibration: Tensometric autocalibration

Maximum 3D printing temperature: 250 ℃

Dimensions:  530 x 555 x 480 mm

Other: Silent X and Y stepper drivers – reducing motor noise by 50%, ER-11 collet in CNC Pro Toolhead, Laser Toolhead operating at 2.8 W power


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